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With our professional trained team we can handle minor repairs with quick turn around like same day or next day finish.

  • ·Bumper repair/replace
  • ·Minor scuff/scratch
  • ·Color matching
  • ·Windshield replacement
  • ·A/C diagnostics

system repairs

Major repairs are very important to us because being certified in ICAR assures we can provide our customers with the best repairs available.

  • ·Damaged panels
  • ·Replacement panels
  • ·Front-end replacement

Accident Response Kit

When you are in an accident you are shaken and not thinking clearly. Having an Accident Response Kit will help you gather information and evidence you will need later. Your kit should be easily accessable, your glove compartment or center consule, and contain the following:

  • (1) Digital Camera with the follow features:
    •    5.0 MP
    •    1.8” color viewing screen
    •    4X digital zoom
    •    Date stamp
    •    Flash memory (photos are saved if batteries power is lost)
    •    Smart Flash (senses for available light and adjust flash brightness resulting in better color balance)
    •    SD card
    •    Non-rechargeable lithium batteries
    •    Carrying strap
  • (1) Copy of your Insurance Card
  • (1) Copy of your Driver's License
  • (1) Emergency Notification Card
  • (1) 4-1/2" Yellow Tire Marker
  • (1) White chalk
  • (1) Pen (black, medium-point)
  • (1) Driver's Report At Accident Scene Form
  • (4) Witness Cards

Certified Collision Works, LLC can handle all of your collision repair services including:


iCare technicians


Complete collision repair services

With all the new vehicle technology and multi airbags in vehicles we stay trained and update with all new vehicle repair guidelines. It is first priority when dealing with a Complete Collision repair. We follow factory instructions and have the proper frame straighten equipment and factory measurements to assure a safe quality repair.

  • ·Frame repair
  • ·Airbag replacement
  • ·Suspension damage
  • ·Claims assistance

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